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The Redox Approach

When the principles behind robust health and the causes of disease are understood, focused steps can be taken to insure wellness or apply effective therapeutics. The governing principles that influence the health of an organism lie at the molecular level, at the intersection of cell biology, chemistry and physics and specifically involve electric charge in a wet inner environment.

En Fuego!
   Inflammation, the “-itis” in disease, is the universal sign of trouble marked by pain, fever, redness and swelling. Inflammation is a natural immune response that tells us oxidant weaponry is engaged in a fire-fight and antioxidant electrons will be needed to extinguish the flames of battle. Oxidative stress occurs when that antioxidant electron inventory is chronically low and means collateral damage is occurring to the macro-molecules our cells are made of. In other words we produce reactive oxygen species to oxidize pathogens, defective cells and unwanted chemicals and then we need electrons to halt the destruction. We source those electrons from foods and water itself, energized ultimately by the Sun.
  When a healthy organism is besieged by foreign molecules, faux-fats and metals; pH and charge requirements go awry, cells malfunction and opportunistic pathogens appear. They must be burned! This “in-flame-d” condition if not halted drains electrons, encourages acidity and consumes oxygen needed to power cells and is the origin of disease and the cause of bad-ageing.

Beauty in the balance.
   Along with a strong electrical presence we also need a hearty oxygen supply to maintain health. Oxygen is crucial to power our mitochondria and membrane transport mechanisms. O2 penetration into cells depends on electron availability and an alkaline pH in blood and extracellular fluids, and results in increased energy levels and charge.

Made of what?
   Since we are a precise assemblage of biologically correct molecules, consuming dissimilar man-made chemicals,… doesn’t work! Fake foods and their electron hungry oxidized molecules, odd sugars, strange fats, genetically engineered proteins and toxic preservatives are not on our “parts” list. Essential electrons, minerals and vitamins are scarce in these foods. Pesticides, metals and other gifts of industry shouldn’t be ingested at all and source dangerous free radicals until removed. They rob our membranes of charge, erode cell structures, enable pathogens and allow cancers. Hormones produced by a loving emotional state impart optimal bio-function, but if we are stressed and unhappy, contrary brain hormones and cortisol release disrupts our chemistry. So health is determined by lifestyle choices which include physiologically compatible electron-rich nutrition, removal of toxins and appropriate emotions; all under attack by the endless delusions of modern life.

Common denominator?
   Oxidative stress destroys the integrity of proteins (DNA), fats and other cellular components. Genetic instructions and communications are garbled as hormone and enzyme production grows erratic. Joints, skin, bones, blood vessels and connective tissues break down. Organs become dysfunctional and cancers, depression, artery disease, arthritis, gingivitis, etc., etc.  appear,…all from the lack of electron charge, growing acidity and poor oxygen delivery! Every life form on the planet suffers this self-same oxidative pressure due to man’s industrial endeavors.

What to do;
   Start with fresh air well breathed and pure water, especially live energized alkaline water and “plant” water. Water itself powers us and acts as a battery constantly refreshed by heat and sunlight. The latest revelations on living, energetic water come from Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington. Video;
   Fresh whole foods contain the energetic antioxidant electrons your batteries crave, all put there by the Sun. Alkalizing foods help maintain pH as do sweet emotions. The many faces of fear and flip-side anger generate acids and frazzle DNA end-cap telomeres. Stress must be eliminated by shifting perception.

   The trick to robust health and real healing is logically not in the realm of drugs but in restoring proper nutrition with quality high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) foods and supplements, correcting fat balances and mineral levels, detoxifying the entire body and attaining a loving joyful outlook on life. Sauna, sunshine and Vitamin C work toward building electrical charge and shedding toxins. Bicarbonates, mineral buffers and positive personality choices maintain alkalinity and boost oxygen levels. These factors are derived from charge-based principles and determine a healthy body,… made of molecules. The widely ignored electrical component of life is “where the rubber meets the road”!
   An electric perspective will lead towards a new more effective natural approach to health and healing and hopefully the preservation of our biosphere. Funny how such a basic but overriding scientific principle like oxidation/reduction could hide in plain sight. Redox.
    Simple. And it works.


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  7. fhadmin says:

    January 6th, 2013 at 12:27 am (#)

    Dr Clements…Would be nice to measure…some use body voltage like Dr. Jerry Tenant…others measure pH or ORP…Generally any signs of inflammation indicate oxidative stress as does CRP test…Gum disease, weak skin, joint pain, frequent colds/infections all betray oxidative stress and an immune response….Remove the causes, accentuate all positive oxygen bringing health practices and increase dosage of oxidants/antioxidants.

  8. fhadmin says:

    January 27th, 2013 at 11:07 pm (#)

    Hi Ian, Check scientific american, Feb 2013, re antioxidants/longevity…seems to indicate more benefits to oxidative theraoies/exercise/fasting/peroxides/etc….provoking redox signalling and endogenous release of healing factors/antioxidants…How does the article and Gems findings strike you? Best, Randall

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