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Electrical Water, H2O2, OUR GOALS

Last week some revolutionary work on water came to my attention. Seems H2O molecules orient themselves to surfaces and solutes to form charge gradients. Negatively charged (-) Exclusionary Zones adjacent to surfaces and suspended particles and positive charged (+) water extending away from surfaces mean water is a battery in itself,…electric. Search Gerald Pollack-Water. provides a valuable resource.

H2O2; There is some controversy over food grade hydrogen peroxide dosages. Original recommendations in Ch. 7 may be a bit low. Some doctors use up to 8 drops of undiluted 35% food grade in a glass of water, 2x/day for cancers and other serious problems. As always, start slow to test the waters!

Our goals are to refine protocols, combinations, synergies and doses to optimize healing. All are encouraged to report results,…yes the world needs to know.

And don’t hesitate to contact me for clarification and guidance.   Capt. Randall

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