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Saturday, May 5th 2012 at 8:00 pm by Capt. Randall

Toxic and Don't Know

Ever since humans discovered fire, our activities have been releasing a “dog’s breakfast” of unnatural chemistry. The list has grown to well over 75,000 free elements, compounds and pharmaceuticals. Many of these are acidic, electron-hungry oxidants and free radical generators.

Conventional medicine seems to dismiss industrial pollutants, food additives, personal care products, household cleaners, building materials and pharmaceutical residues… unless lethal concentrations are involved. The fact is, many are cumulative, so even at tiny parts per billion or million concentrations, poisonous substances considered “safe” by the EPA collect in fat, brain and bone, even crossing the placental barrier into rapidly differentiating embryonic tissues.

There they compromise cell membranes, damage DNA and the enzymes it produces, affect nerve conductivity, alter glandular production and hormonal balances, and continually generate free radicals which attack chemical bonds that hold all cell structures together. We don’t want our cell structures to fall apart.

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Most folks are aware of the presence of pollutants, but don’t connect them to their surroundings, food or lifestyle or to common diseases like depression, cancers, atherosclerosis or varied bacterial/viral/fungal infections. Young individuals harbor unexpectedly high levels due to the unbridled increase of industrial toxins in recent years.

The popularity of “cleanses” for liver, kidneys and bowel is a big step in the right direction, but few participate in focused detoxification/chelation. Alternative physicians routinely perform these treatments and see patients consistently shed scores of symptoms.

Traditional chelation therapy can be performed rapidly via intravenous EDTA or DMPS… or as recommended in Forbidden Healing, slowly and more gently with large antioxidant intake combined with complexing agents. Vitamin C/bicarbonate, Vitamin K2, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, etc. and herbals like milk thistle, cilantro and curcumin mobilize metals… and clays, humates, chlorella, sulfur, diatomaceous earth or zeolites attach to toxins and eliminate them. (See earlier articles: “Healer’s Grail,” “Toolbox” and “Compass” for the science behind this).

Only a scant percentage of the population avail themselves of a simple inexpensive Hair Mineral/Metal Analysis so most are unaware of mineral deficiencies and toxic metal loads. Conventional medicine frowns upon hair analysis in favor of expensive blood-based lab tests which may not expose dangerous mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium or lead levels, now very common in the public at large. Government agencies deny horrendous disease conditions stemming from these toxins because that acknowledgement could result in massive litigation over dental amalgams, vaccines, widespread industrial contamination and even the military use of depleted uranium. America protects business first… public health and the environment last.

Find a laboratory and check submission details. In general, have your hairdresser collect a sample at the back of the neck, from skin out a few inches, a matchbox full is recommended, and place it in a zip lock bag and mail it in. In a few weeks you will receive the results, which will look something like this:

Hair Mineral Analysis Reveals Toxins

Recommendations usually accompany test results. Don’t hesitate to ask your lab manager questions to clarify the interpretation of your data. Obviously, in this sample graph, Mg, Na and K need a supplemental boost, and Cu, Fe, Cr, Hg and Cd need to go away. Don’t be alarmed at rising levels during the first six months of detox, since mobilized elements will be incorporated into hair at a higher rate… and that is why chelators must be included with mobilizing antioxidants that raise charge and force metals to un-stick.  Symptoms will begin to abate quickly; don’t be fooled, continue the detox protocol until yearly retests confirm the job is complete.

Detoxing is analogous to cleaning a battery while restoring electrolyte levels so oxygen penetration and energy production can proceed unhindered… and it’s all about energy, electron charge.  Once systemic toxins are minimized, focus can be directed toward optimal nutrition, smart lifestyle choices and higher states of consciousness beyond greed and fear.

What you don’t know can hurt you.


The Healer’s Compass

The Healer’s Compass: Set a Course!

“The Healer’s Grail” and “Healer’s Toolbox” outlined the electrochemical foundations of biology and a few of the simple substances used to maintain a balance favoring electron and oxygen abundance (a handy way to define health). There is little need to track down discreet biochemical mechanisms when protons and electrons and simple molecules like H2O, bicarbonate and magnesium determine the energetic profile of the “Inner Ocean.” These set the stage of pH and voltage, the key measures of life energy that govern biochemistry and offer a reflection of molecular inventories. This approach triggers the sea-change that allows normal cell function and healing when requisite voltages are reached. It’s basic science.

Elementary oxidation-reduction chemistry was never applied to nutrition and healing or commonly connected to pH. Acid balance diets became popular in recent years, but didn’t incorporate the idea of electron abundance. Acidity means few available “anti-oxidant” electrons and an unfriendly medium for oxygen delivery since oxygen joins acidic protons and becomes water. Acidity is also marked by low levels of K and Mg, thicker blood and mucus, sluggish circulation and agglutination of red blood cells—-the precise conditions that precipitate disease.

Most folks know antioxidants are somehow important to preserve their precious flesh, but don’t connect the wide range of “anti-oxidant” substances to the presence of electrons and alkalinity or recognize their anti-inflammatory nature. And while fighting oxidants, few realize oxidation is the hallmark of immune defense, performed by oxygen radicals and used by the body (and savvy healers) to destroy pathogens and unwanted debris. A chronic ongoing balance favoring oxidation is oxidative stress. It accelerates erosion of connective tissues and cell structures, cripples DNA function and hormone/enzyme production, and is the cause of inflammation— which is synonymous with disease and hard aging.

The healer’s first goal is to remove the reasons for immune activity. Initially boosting oxidation destroys pathogens and organic toxins, and then flooding tissues with electrons mobilizes free-radical-generating metals and powers immune cells to gobble debris. Meanwhile, oxidation’s destructive wildfires are extinguished and the inflammatory blaze contained with more antioxidant electrons and more oxygen.

Overwhelmed by undecipherable complexity, our collective consciousness can not agree upon common threads or grasp any concept beyond that defined by language. The language of medicine is confined to mysterious symptoms, unknown etiologies, second tier causes and singular remedies, not to mention a collective thought-warp created through purposeful word manipulation and the never-ending quest for new drugs. The medical logic that “replaces a spark plug” and somehow imagines that the rest of a deteriorating vehicle will regain function at any desirable level, is blatantly absurd. Taking aspirin indefinitely for arthritis does not address eroding joints. Chemo “therapy” never removes the stagnant conditions that invited the cancer it foolishly seeks to kill. And a dire prognosis creates an intense drowning-man fear in patients so they accept expensive treatments and their fate. In this terrorized condition, normal biochemistry becomes acidic and debilitated, precluding the possibility of self- healing. The idea of a second opinion is also thwarted.

We can not navigate a course toward real healing or a sustainable civilization while anchored to the past: to profitable warfare, to fossil energy, counterfeit grain-based “foods,” pharmaceutical healthcare or the restrictive language, endless rules and prohibitions built to perpetuate them. Our regressive economic system is based solely and unrealistically on endless growth, but the human will to survive has begun to “occupy” the planet and entertain common sense. The words “de-centralization,” “diversification” and “re-localization” are entering the vocabulary as industrial-speak is being replaced by a fresh conversation. It is my sincere wish that objective science and this simplified view of healing adds to the conversation and begin to tear down all the delusional constructs that have enslaved man for decades and centuries. The renaissance is at hand.

“See” the invisible electrons in motion. Photons from the sun pack electron energy into plants’ carbon bonds (carbohydrate and protective antioxidants) and water itself. Our mitochondria need oxygen to metabolize and “burn” those carbon bonds… oxygen which can only be delivered through alkaline/electron-rich blood that is well charged and polarized. DNA needs the proper charge environment to express, prevent frazzled telomeres and resist oxidation. Fat-rich membranes bathed in water (blood/cell fluids) move oxygen and materials via electrolyte balance and charge. Membrane fats also act as batteries that store and conduct electrons. Muscle sheaths and other connective tissues conduct electrons and form a grid alongside the hard-wired nervous system. Friction of muscle sheaths and blood cells rushing through arteries raise voltage. Electricity is generated by the nervous system, the digestive system and most powerfully by the beating heart. Moving electrons produce magnetic fields and fields move electrons. It’s chi, it’s life.

Real yet invisible electricity and magnetic fields link material molecules to the energetic non-material world in a magnificent oneness where substances influence energy fields and energy fields impact substances. So it follows that healing at the molecular level can occur not only from substances and electrons, but from bio-energy fields, acupuncture or directed intent. We use these “supernatural” powers every day to intuit, visualize fulfillment, self-heal and manifest desires as bio-fields act upon our bodies and surroundings through torsion waves. Unfortunately we take this gift for granted and sometimes hinder its application. States of dependency, culturally inflicted fear/ego consciousness and “adult” cynicism disable this innate human ability… whereas a sense of total responsibility, personal sovereignty, emotional excitement and unconditional love raise bio-energy levels to empower one to produce god-like results. There’s more here than meets the eye.

People are predisposed to think of every disease as unique, but the truth is, oxidative stress, the loss of cell energy, is the common cause. Protocols will evolve around this principle as physicians awaken to connect the dots of nutrition, toxins, radiations, states of consciousness and lifestyle habits that purposefully raise life energy and eliminate electron theft and disruption. Conventional and emergency medicine must begin to recognize and include highly effective IV Vitamin C, HBOT and other proven therapies to maintain any Hippocratic credibility.

Witness the statistically poor results conventional medicine gets with conditions such as depression, cancers, smoking, Gulf War Syndrome (depleted uranium poisoning), gum disease and many more, while the unlikely effectiveness of oxidation/reduction therapies remains hidden, forbidden. Prevention is unquestionably the best medicine and the same items that maintain health can be used to restore it. Big dose Vitamin C / bicarbonate, minerals and appropriate fats are the backbone of this approach which relies on real foods and also takes advantage of any issue-specific vitamins, herbs, phyto-antioxidants, ferments, proteolytic enzymes and essential oils. To complete the protocol: sunshine, breathing, body work, exercise and psycho-spiritual techniques. No doctor is going to cover all these bases; that’s where personal responsibility comes in.

And so I have exposed some of the fictions that bind us. The toxic acidic hypoxic condition of our biosphere is the result of antiquated industries, unrestrained growth, predatory economics and misapplications of science. All life, from bacteria to blue whales, suffers under a system of arrogant corporate greed and genocide perpetuated by small fearful ego-driven men who choose force over reason and compassion.

With an organized plan to boost oxygen delivery, raise electron charge and reduce pH, health and healing are straightforward. Sip from the “Grail”, employ the “Toolbox” and stay on “Course.” Only by understanding inner ocean conditions and careful piloting through rocky reefs can one expect a safe trip.

Take the helm.

Sincerely, Capt. T. C. Randall


The Healers Toolbox


In “The Healer’s Grail” I outlined our predicament as Earth-dwelling biological entities. We operate on Solar ENERGY in the form of ELECTRONS and must consume Sun-charged phyto-nutrients and metabolize carbon bonds with the help of OXYGEN.

Opposing life today are mismanaged soils and electrolyte mineral deficiencies, oxidized/damaged fats, processed electron-stripped foods and all manner of toxic metals and organic poisons that lead to acidity, damaging free radical formation and electron shortages…ALL of which prevent oxygen delivery to mitochondrial motors and the generation of more electrons. When lacking charge, our cell structures become prone to oxidation, so membranes, enzymes, mitochondria and DNA all come under attack, OXIDATIVE STRESS! A “mechanical” approach to healing can address this energy shortage and electron imbalance using a toolbox full of common supplements.

Master the use of these basic “tools” first;

Vitamin C

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Apple cider vinegar

Magnesium Oil

Oregano Oil

Lugol’s iodine

MSM Sulfur Crystals

Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide


The repair protocol begins with large electron inputs. When “mechanics” (healers) measure body voltages and pH to assess electron inventories, they find that where there is illness… there is acidity and shifting voltages. The first step obviously involves raising charge. This can be performed using large inputs of the electric vitamin, Vitamin C. Quantity is key here, and creating overwhelming surges in body charge is what initiates healing. (Loosely; electrons=voltage=pH=Oxidation Reduction Potential )

Counter-intuitively, the next order of business is to oxidize. Vitamin C not only restores electron inventories, but in IV application or in oral mega-doses to bowel-tolerance it releases hydrogen peroxide around cells, cleaning them of pathogens, toxins, waste materials and unwanted debris. These oxidative bursts mimic normal immune function in inflammatory response. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, MMS, ozone and even iodine are other helpful oxidizers and HBOT a super-oxygenator.

Then, to boost oxygen penetration, alkalize. When pure Vitamin C is mixed with baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, in a small glass of water, the acidity of ascorbic acid is neutralized, producing sodium ascorbate and CO2 bubbles. The left-over bicarb or even an added half-tsp of sodium bicarbonate alkalizes blood and acts as a pH buffer. K and Mg levels and sulfur intake should be optimized to enhance oxygen supplies.

Real nutrients are the long term answer. Fats are critical, but most folks use the wrong oil in their “crankcase.” Easily oxidized feed-lot animal fats and unholy homogenized milk, heat processed “polyunsaturated “ vegetable oils and all their hydrogenated misshapen trans molecules become incorporated into membranes, blood vessels and nervous system tissues where they diminish oxygen transport and surface charge. It’s important to supply fresh Omegas, monounsaturates and forbidden saturated fats like butter, coconut oil and those from grass-fed animals. Sugars/carbs turn into bad fats when consumed in more than small amounts as they raise acidity. High sugar intake results in glycations, sugar-protein caramelizations that stick to various cell structures like Gorilla Glue.

We have lists of acid forming and alkalizing foods to guide us toward a slightly alkaline balance and we have ORAC ratings to make-plain antioxidant values in food choices. Note the wide range of conditions impacted by single substances in GreenMedInfo abstract correlations. Note the universality of Vitamin C or turmeric or garlic.

Charge detractors include metal burdens like amalgams, root canals, bromine, chlorine, fluoride, intake of burnt/oxidized foods,“dead” water, electromagnetic pollution and the toxic mental frequencies of fear and stress. Detoxification and elimination are enhanced using chelators that catch toxic molecules mobilized by inputs of electrons and oxidizers above. Chlorella, clays, humic/fulvic acids and charcoal do that job.

Usually once biochemical balance is restored, mood and intelligence become elevated and one regains emotional equanimity. Some will have to become more mindful in order to benefit and realize that the condition of their body and their life’s eventual destinations are purely the result of their own states of consciousness. Chance enters the equation only rarely. Personal responsibility implies freedom from all the externally inflicted rules and irrationalities of our enculturation… permitting the free expression of the spirit, the will. Higher states of mind empower electrochemical “placebo” healing within and impact surrounding matter via the universal energy matrix.

The Forbidden Healing protocol follows an electrochemical path, but there are many variations on the theme now being used successfully by innovative healers around the world. Breathing, acupuncture, electrical, magnetic, bio-frequency, aroma, sound, bio-photon and other energetic therapies cross-over into the realm of physics and enter healing through different doors. In the end, they all provide more electrons, stronger body charge, increased oxygen penetration and mitochondrial output, expressive DNA function and enzyme production, higher vibratory frequencies and normalized biochemistry. “Electrons is electrons,” energy gathered… energy generated….any which way you can.

Understanding redox principles in health and healing ends the disorganized approaches common to both drug and natural therapies. When we accentuate Electrons and Oxygen, and eliminate acidic free radical varmints, optimal conditions can do nothing other than promote life. We have labeled hundreds of symptoms as individual diseases, yet basically all boil down to oxidative stress. This perspective is proven out every time efforts are directed at reversing it… when multiple “diseases” disappear. Just a new way of thinking.

Capt. T.C. Randall, author of Forbidden Healing


Essay; The Healer’s Grail

The Healer’s Grail

WE have all been alive since the first spark in the beginning, carrying the flame of life through the epochs and are of the primordial mother cell, all of us. The oneness of all living is exceeded only by the fact we are all (one) matter, born of the original energy that blasted the worlds into existence. You are me, the rock, the ocean and the galaxy. I’d say EVERYTHING is pretty closely related.

The molecules that surround us are the same ones that construct our bodies and perpetuate life out of air, water and soil. These molecules may be packed with electrons or hungry for some, and this determines their behavior and associations (redox). Electrons themselves capture the power of photons and radiant heat from the Sun as the common currency of energy. Have-not molecules seek out those that have, and take them or share, and in sharing become larger. Large enough to build cells, large enough to build DNA and carry information and large enough to generate magnetic fields and… consciousness.

It stands to reason that if molecules build cells and our bodies, that they must be of the correct elemental type and charge…and be capable of performing the business of cells, the biochemistry of life. Just as Dr Frankenstein infused his monster with gobs of electricity, we must quantitatively supply electrons to the body we live in and its cells must generate more. When through inappropriate nutrition or charge-robbing toxins and toxic thoughts our actual measurable voltage drops, our molecules begin to act erratically, cells refuse oxygen, immune systems grow weak and DNA malfunctions. Unchecked, this condition spirals down into disease, YES, MOST ALL DISEASE.

When a healer’s efforts are organized to reverse these negative conditions, magically cells regain function and the monster rises robust and healthy. These efforts must be directed at the inventory of molecules AND their energetic condition, their electron balance. Once an overwhelming electron presence is restored, oxygen becomes available, mitochondria fire up their furnaces and the grid is brought to full power.

A healer will not accomplish success with a single drug or supplement, he must address everything. It takes a holistic approach to reverse the CAUSE of the ultimate source of disease and bad ageing, a condition where essential molecules are attacked by electron have-nots, are oxidized and torn apart; oxidative stress. Sometimes oxidation is required to “fight fire with fire” and destroy sources of free radicals and unwanted pathogens. You can see oxidation in rusting metal, a burning match or an apple that turns brown. The medical mindset of chasing “unique” symptoms ignores the fact of this root cause which manifests in particular ways due to the nature of biochemical deficiency in areas of fluid stagnation.

A close analogy to disease is the car that won’t start. Jumper cables boost charge so the starter can engage. Then Oxygen and fuel rush in (to mitochondria) to supply energy. AS soon as the engine turns over, the generator is activated, the dashboard lights up, the radio comes on and perpetual electron flow restores battery (fluid/electrolyte/cell membrane) charge.

The causes of oxidation/reduction imbalances are mostly modern side effects of the industrial revolution which have undeniably altered our chemistry. Nutrition has changed from the paleo diet our bodies were adapted to over the eons. Instead of fish/animal fats and proteins, and wild plant foods “science” rearranged the food chain and based it on easily mass produced grains like wheat, corn and rice, and soybeans, and all their processed derivatives as well as grain feed-lotted meats/milks/eggs. Put simply, we shifted to electron-poor diets, high in carbs/sugars and bereft of minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and diverse proteins.

Thinking on cancer (and most other disease) is beginning to recognize this view. Somewhere in the distant past our primordial cell line existed in anaerobic environments. When our typically oxygen-rich conditions of today are preempted by poor charge and growing acidity, cells revert to anaerobic fermentation to produce only small amounts of energy and are called cancer or other disease by degree.

Folks are terrorized over this apex disease, become emotionally crippled and lose all coping ability. Having reversed cancer and many other diseases, I recognized the successful therapies of many alternative physicians and realized the common working thread; cell energy-draining acidic hypoxia. Once inner conditions decline, they favor primitive anaerobic life forms lying dormant in our DNA. Not only do our evolved oxygen loving cells decline, but oxygen-resistant survivors of the past like bacteria/molds/yeasts/fungi…reappear.

The Grail of healing lies ultimately in restoring (electron) energy and total body charge in order to move more O2 into cells and mitochondria (a primitive cellular organelle responsible for energy production found in all living cells) and so power us. The healing protocol includes a combination of efforts to raise antioxidant intake AND stimulate (counter-intuitively) immune oxidative bursts. Alkalization of the system is aided by a boost in oxygen protective K, Mg, bicarbonate electrolytes. Detoxification involves raising charge to mobilize metals and organo-toxins. Replacing damaged/oxidized fat molecules incorporated in cell membranes removes a major bottleneck to oxygen penetration.

No drug or single supplement can restore vibrant physiology and initiate self-healing. It takes a protocol equivalent to the bad foods, environmental toxins and negative emotions that initially eroded health. When the condition of our “inner ocean” becomes accepted as the cause of disease, we can begin treating our cells more like fish in an aquarium. Just “change the water” and provide fresh live food.

The entire area of health and healing has become overcomplicated and financially conflicted so that information is not only confusing and subject to fraudulent science, but officially controlled. Real solutions are forbidden. Compartmentalization of scientific disciplines persists where chemistry, biology and physics must cross-pollinate and become integrated.

A mass awakening is urgently needed to replace our environmentally unsustainable and artificial chemical grain-based agriculture and toxic industrial practices that seem to require an extravagantly expensive and ineffective pharma-care system. Higher consciousness and levels of intelligence depend on a strong body voltage. Restoration of health precedes improved mind function… so desperately needed by civilization.

Biospheric suicide is the result of man’s mal-applied industrial technology that has resulted in acidic hypoxic oxidative stress, globally.

We are the cancer.

Sincerely, Capt. Randall, author Forbidden Healing


Stuff to Remember.

While proceeding with the 11 Step Protocol keep in mind that cells are being cleansed and replaced. As this manufacture is occurring maintain plentiful supply of un-oxidized, un-damaged fats from grass fed animal sources, nuts, coconut, flax and hemp.

And ABSOLUTELY avoid heat damaged, processed, easily oxidized polyunsaturated vegetable oils  and feedlot animal fats that become rancid quickly due to lack of protective antioxidants. Bad fats will be incorporated in cell and mitochondrial membranes and hinder oxygen penetration leading to low cell energy and oxidative stress.

AVOID grain carbohydrates and corn syrups, they turn into bad fats in the liver.

NOTE; Bad fats and carbs/sugars are in all processed, baked and fried foods,  prepare (and grow) your own!