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Mystery Solved; The Earth Is Round, and Life Is ELECTRICAL.

Objective Science Looks at Our Global Disease, A.K.A. Oxidative Stress, A.K.A. Rust, A.K.A. Burning

Preliminary Glossararia;

Just about all molecular behavior (the material world consists of atoms/molecules) depends on the energetic transfer of ELECTRONS which assemble or disassemble atomic bonds in larger aggregations of molecules like the proteins and fats that living organisms are made of. ELECTRONS are also the energy currency life operates on. ELECTRONS are ultimately energized by solar photons and enter our bodies as food, structured water, direct radiation and earth charge. ELECTRONS are transformed through metabolizing foods into bio-usable ATPs with the help of OXYGEN. Living organisms must maintain an appropriate ELECTRON charge or begin to disassemble molecule by molecule.

Charge terrain/body voltage/pH/ ORP-Oxidation Reduction Potential are related measures of bio-energy or degeneration into all chronic disease and death. Antioxidants like vitamins, alkalizing mineral electrolytes, phyto-polyphenols and high ORAC foods are electron-rich electron-donating molecules. Acids, free radicals, metals and pathogens are electron thieves and yet immune responses depend on oxidative burning and molecular disassembly of pathogens, cell debris and cancers. Health resides in this oxidation/reduction balance and healing lies in the restoration of body charge. Mystery solved; the earth is round, life is ELECTRICAL.

True Causes/Effects

It is becoming a widely accepted scientific fact that oxidative stress and inflammation is the root of chronic disease. Still, against all logic and appropriate treatment, modern medicine confuses cause and effect in favor of treating hundreds of pigeonholed symptoms as individual diseases. And so we have become victims of divide and conquer drug medicine; instead of extinguishing our “singular disease” A.K.A. oxidative stress/inflammation/burning/rust, the pharmaceutical business model thrives on whitewashing basic science in order to continue the profitable practice of putting out symptomatic “hot spots.” Meanwhile a few clinics and enlightened physicians have taken a more practical approach and address disease at its root through “fireproofing” the system against oxidative stress with copious antioxidant electron inputs and by removing inflammatory source-level “accelerants” like bad foods, mineral deficiencies, heavy metals, organic toxins, stealth infections, poor lifestyle choices and emotional stress.

An holistic understanding of the situation faced by all life forms quickly leads to an electro-molecular view of biology and a host of clinically proven therapeutic measures. Living cells operate on ATP electrons which means voltage generated by metabolism powers the building and operation of cell molecules according to DNA specifications. Conversely, immune responses rely on the opposite force; the oxidative peroxide “back-fire” destruction of electron bonds that hold the molecules of pathogens, cancers, toxins and spent cells together. The beauty lies in a balance between these opposing forces. While vigorous health operates on electron voltages upward of 40mv, disease begins with a shift below 30mv toward oxidation, a drop in electron energy and increased acidity which implies viscous fluids, sluggish circulation, retention of metals and poor oxygen penetration… acidic hypoxia…cell suffocation. There are umpteen inexpensive ways to manipulate charge, pH and oxygenation.

Metabolism; Too Much Fuel Too Fast, Too Little Oxygen

Just as lactic acid buildup in muscles requires time for oxygen to revert the painful acid form back to neutral lactate, the same process within our cells’ mitochondria goes unnoticed when too-much food (glucose) too-fast outpaces oxygen delivery. This oxygen shortfall leads to acidic, inefficient and toxic metabolism, and a drop in electron energy. That is why fat-rich low-carb diets and intermittent fasting are so effective since slower glucose delivery allows time for complete O2-rate-sensitive aerobic “combustion.” Lower blood sugar levels allow Vitamin C to out-compete glucose transport into cells so that Vitamin C, and internally produced glutathione, SOD and catalase can insulate and protect mitrochondrial furnaces from free-radical burnout.

Improved oxygenation is aided greatly by the removal of oxidized/damaged unsaturated oils from the diet, metals, infections, radiations, drugs and stress which all squander body charge and electric potential. When voltage (bioenergy) drops, acids and free radicals do dangerous damage; cell structures and functions like immune strength, genetic expression and the replacement of inflammatory spent cells become degraded. Studies show a concomitant shift toward anaerobic fermentation (low voltage output) occurs as HIF (Hypoxia Induction Factor) is stimulated either by a lack of oxygen or lack of Vitamin C. HIF signals a shift toward anaerobic metabolism and rapid capillary formation meant to provide more oxygen and glucose… a first step toward disease and cancers. Omega fat balances add to the oxygen conundrum where all damaged oils become misused by the body to construct cell membranes which transport oxygen very poorly, non-conductive mitochondrial membranes which burn up easily and brain cells that malfunction. The fraudulent push toward grain-based oils and corn sugars has led to cellular suffocation across the population and a sharp rise in diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc. and the bogus drive to eliminate truly healthy saturated fats and prescribe dangerous statins.

So to understand that falling body voltage leads to hypoxia>> acidity >> free radical devastation of healthy cells is to understand the deadly downward spiral faced by all life, including the death of forests and oceans and our ongoing mass extinction event. You can’t even call this a theory since the most simple basic hard sciences of chemistry, biology and human physiology are virtually indisputable, yet continue to hide in plain sight.

An Institutionalized Scam?

The problem is that a suffering public has been misdirected by the hyper-complex voodoo of expensive pharmaceutical intervention. After silently becoming low voltage, health compromised and browbeaten by industry; the resultant confusion and fear led to acceptance of a pill in favor of a seed-level re-balancing of the conditions essential for the restoration of healthy cell energy and function. Acute and trauma care can be excellent in America while chronic disease treatments are not so great. Prevention information is a dog’s breakfast of disinformation containing a few chunks of meat and lots of come-ons to enter the healthcare system. Beware of the trap in courses of side-effect laden drugs widely “believed” to cure chronic diseases as well as antibiotic over-use for minor infections when there are safer, less expensive, more effective approaches to all chronic conditions. The human body is well adapted to preclude or vanquish chronic ailments, poisonings and dire infections when adequately charged and oxygenated. Practitioners of the last century and a few today, though dismissed with extreme prejudice, frequently cured cancers, polio, tuberculosis, snakebite, concussive brain trauma and viral encephalopathy, hepatitis, sepsis, etc. using huge IV inputs of Vitamin C’s electrons and hyperbaric oxygen. Some physicians rely on oxidative therapies to knock out cancers, ebola and other viral/bacterial/parasitic infestations using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorite and again Vitamin C which in huge doses acts as an oxidizer.

Conventional medicine ignores first causes and what farmers call cultural practices; the conditions necessary for healthy plants and animals. Functional medicine is a bit more targeted toward returning essentials, yet doesn’t quite find the lowest common denominator. Forbidden Healing takes a fresh look at biomolecular energetics and system charge/redox potentials/pH/voltage or electron populations if you will. The Forbidden approach goes straight to deficiencies of essential materials needed to restore a healthy charge to cells, fluids and the 60% connective tissue component of the body while removing negatory aspects and surpluses of industrial garbage that steal and squander body charge. This approach diplomatically finesses the organism to restore itself rather than nuking perceived enemies with drugs and side-effect larded one-dimensional fixes. Raising body charge raises all boats. When charge is low and the flames of oxidation threaten, overwhelming quantities of electrons and oxygen do the trick…quick. Too simple for complicated minds snug/smug in their certainties?

Be The Docta

It is always recommended to start with an accounting of diet, a hair metal/mineral analysis to know levels and review personal habits and mental states as no doctor can. It is likely metal burdens and other toxic loads, multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, rotting root canals along with fearful stresses are in play. Who needs cancers, heart/artery problems, depressions, dentures, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, debilitating infections or an abbreviated life span riddled with suffering at outrageous expense?

After finding the key to life through independent research, successful prevention and treatment of “the disease” in people, plants and animals followed. Maybe I just reinvented the wheel only to later find a handful of physicians and their protocols on the same page. Mega Vitamin C, IV Vitamin C, other megavitamin/mineral cocktails, metal detoxification, dietary shifts to organic low-carb/high-fat/intermittent eating, hyperbaric oxygen, various oxidative applications, breath-work, sunshine and meditative-perceptive stress reduction form the backbone of their efforts and improve charge terrain whether they recognize net electro-molecular effects or not. Note; All these therapeutic measures have been dismissed by conventional medicine and effectively “forbidden” to the public.


Excessive worry over your health or anything else for that matter is stress. Stress ignites the sympathetic chain of the autonomic nervous system creating fight-flight hormones, acidity and oxidative stress, not the healthy regenerative parasympathetic response where cells replenish, replicate and renew…and even exhibit “placebo” healing.

Stress is basically fear and unrelenting death consciousness with low frequency manifestations of hate, anger, defensiveness, lying, shame, guilt, selfishness and greed. Stress is the bitter fruit of the ego, whereas higher frequency higher psycho-spiritual states of consciousness occur with unconditional love, relaxed faith/self confidence, forgiveness, sharing, reflection and goodwill toward all life forms. Ego is the sinful demon of religious doctrine while the higher consciousness is a divine state of mindfullness. The ego is an illusory construct of the past and future that disappears in the present tense of loving childlike being “outside of one’s self.” Some meditate, others just laugh and have fun.

Our Systemic Bind

Oxidative stress and acidic hypoxia caused by filthy human industry, chemically grown factory foods and multiple corporate cover-ups have brought the planet’s ecosystems to the brink of collapse,…and the band plays on. What else could account for the purposeful mismanagement of Earth? The oceans will die from CO2 acidification and stop providing oxygen, chemical grain-based agriculture will fail and famine will ensue long before sea level rise wets many feet and an era of refugees explodes. Forgive them not; they know exactly what they do. Can we stop this abortion of the future with knowledge and truth? Or will we follow our shallow illogical hyper-social politically-correct cognitive bias like lemmings into oblivion?

One major self-defeating foible of humanity is the predilection to take sides in any argument…to adopt a calcified position and believe without logic or critical thought. From religion and politics to science and medicine; folks are averse to remaining undecided. While a few things like gravity are certain, so much else remains in the murky area twixt cause and effect; purposeful misdirection planted through the inane ramblings of marketers and lying propagandists. Few see through our artificial narrative, the cultural “peer reviewed” and protected paradigm we have been programmed with since birth.

Heal yourself, laugh and never let the bastards win. We will remain a fraudulent and failing civilization until a leap in consciousness reaches critical mass. Be there!

References; My view of living organisms was not gleaned from health industry studies hence a lack of links to them. Instead a reverse engineered approach evolved through a deeper understanding of physiology, cell biology, chemistry and physics…an intuitive holistic synthesis of well accepted scientific facts. Nevertheless, many scientific papers, researchers and clinicians reinforce an electro-molecular thesis, but alas, basic texts were my original and sole source material. I sell nothing other than shovel-ready self healing skills in plain language.

See also supportive books and videos by: Drs. Hickey/Roberts/Saul, Dr. Jaffe, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Klenner, Dr. Rath, The Riordan Clinic, Dr. Tennant, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Gerald Pollack (water), Dr. Margreet Vissers (NZ), The Orthomolecular Foundation, and others..

Best, Capt. Randall

Capt. Randall has always been a fisherman, skin-diver, tropical fruit aficionado and a keen observer of life on this planet. Once a university student of the sciences and former manager of a botanical garden and organic growing instructor, Randall is now an organic farmer, hunter and accomplished cook living in North Florida. Lifelong studies of the ocean, terrestrial environment and human health led to an electrical epiphany where everything fit and made sense. He has tried to communicate this knowledge to a tone deaf public and medical community for over a decade, and yet Hallelujah… the Forbidden approach is beginning to take root!



Homemade broth can restore your joints, blood vessels, skin, bone, intestines and more…

We argue over the great nutritional deficiencies of our time. Some say omega 3’s, others propose low mineral levels like magnesium, selenium, zinc, while still others cite the lack of every vitamin, fruit, vegetable, herb, spice and amino acid. Sure! They are all correct, more or less.

Maybe the most overlooked deficiency is simply real soup, not the stuff in a can. The easily absorbed proteins and minerals once found in the peasant’s soup pot are absent in today’s popular boneless/skinless chicken breast or other foods of convenience. Any fish or animal carcass plus a mix of veggies and herbs has always been the ticket to restoring the human “carcass.” Broth bars are springing up around the country in the footsteps of juice bars as healthy choices over fast foods and vending machine snackage.

Strong Statement, Undeniable Biochemistry

The epidemic of arthritis, heart/artery and bowel disease, rampant sports injuries, skin problems and skeletal erosion is largely due to the lack of soup and vitamin C, which is critical for collagen synthesis. Collagen is the substance that cartilage joint surfaces, spinal discs, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, lymphatics, fascia, fat cells, mucous membranes and beautiful skin are made from. These connective tissues are the mud and straw of our bodies, the glue and fiber that hold us together and even act as an internal electric grid.

Homemade soups contain a raft of proteins, including the amino acids lysine and proline emphasized by Linus Pauling along with glucosamine/chondrotin sulfate and hyaluronic acid plus all the phosphorous and other minerals that leach from bone and cartilage. You may note these contents in various arthritis supplements and see Vitamin C/collagen appearing on labels of high end beauty and wrinkle creams.

Stocks can be used in dozens of ways beside soup to slurp with a spoon. The best gravies, sauces, stews and gumbos start with stocks, and grains like rice and quinoa can be cooked in stock.

How-To in a Nutshell

Chicken soup is fine but imagine fish heads, shrimp shells, deer bones, wild duck and turkey carcasses along with the standard beef, pork and lamb. In a pinch and for strong gelatin, grab some split pig feet and tails and gnaw the skin and cartilage, too. Connoisseurs prefer to simmer beef bones for 24-36 hours, but 6 hrs is plenty for beef stew in my kitchen. Some roast bones first to add flavor. All the others make fine stocks in under two hours of gentle cooking, more like simmering than hard boiling. Fish stocks of smallish non-oily salt water species may be the most nutrient diverse — just gut, snip out gills and rinse in brine.

All it takes is a big stainless steel pot, water, sea salt, pepper, garlic, onion, celery and acidic vinegar, lemon juice or tomatoes to insure maximum mineral release. Fish head stocks also require a fine screen to strain scales. Any vegetable, herbs like thyme, basil, bay, oregano and even ginger, turmeric, pineapple skins, hot peppers, potatoes, noodles and rice work; check recipes on internet and use your imagination, because anything goes. Vegetables can be steamed or roasted separately or added near the end to prevent over cooking. The thickness of gelatin upon refrigeration is proof positive of success and gels themselves are full of richly structured water. Reheat only the portion to be consumed. Fresh stocks can be frozen.

Plan a Protocol

Soups and extra Vitamin C are standard maintenance when healthy, but facing any symptoms like gum disease, arthritis, skin problems, joint sprains, digestive issues or even colds/sinus… require raising the doses. Higher doses might include pig feet or fish soup plus 3-5 oral megadoses of Vitamin C/baking soda per day, every day, until completely healed. Expect results and improvement with some issues in days and weeks to possibly a month or two for joint/tendon/ligament/cartilage healing where vasculature is sparse.

When joint problems and sports injuries are slow to heal patience is an asset, yet one can always try to accelerate the process of rebuilding and regenerating tissues, molecule by molecule. Additional therapies that help:

• Five to ten minutes of pure oxygen (or sessions of hyper-ventilation exercise) several times a day up to HBOT treatments for more severe complaints. More oxygen means more healing cell energy with reduced acidity and inflammation for any injury, infection or concussion. Alkalizing the system with bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar and magnesium supplements moves more O2.

• Raising circulation with cayenne, niacin, sauna, exercise, and massage to move oxygen and lymphatic wastes.

• Anti-inflammatory polyphenol-packed herbals like ginger, turmeric, garlic and MSM sulfur internally, and cannabis oil, magnesium oil and capsicum creams externally reduce pain and swelling. Pauling also recommended vitamin E.

• Pulsed lasers are winning acclaim for joint pains among chiropractors and veterinarians.

Pain is a great motivator, driving many to drink, drugs and surgeries. Understanding body chemistry and acquiring the simple art of making healing soups is worth more than gold when you consider the alternative.

More on polyphenols:


DETOX; Cleanse, Flush, Sweat

It’s an industrial world out there. Few pristine places are left on Earth, and even there the winds of industry blow. Luckily we have answers.

Obviously sunshine, exercise, a truly healthy diet and a happy mindful kinetic lifestyle are lobby-level, yet illness can begin in the best of us when toxic chemical intake and auto-generated wastes overwhelm the capacity for elimination. In other words the rate of elimination must meet or exceed input…or toxins accumulate. Amalgam fillings, air and water pollution, smoking, eating fish and processed foods, pesticides, battlefield toxins, radiations and drug residues commonly lead to cancers, heart/artery disease, autism, depression, PTSD, candidiasis, viral infections, autoimmune disorders, etc., etc. These conditions can logically and practically be prevented, improved or reversed by expeditious elimination of the offending molecules.

The term “cleanse” usually causes us to think “bowel” cleanse with strong laxatives and dreadful colonics traditionally used to address gross elimination problems. The intestinal tract can become a plumber’s nightmare so consider that vitamin C doses exceeding bowel tolerance leave one clean as a whistle in a few hours.

Attention then zooms in on the intestinal floral population, care and feeding of the good guys and starvation of pathogens. This is done by eliminating sugars and processed carbs (gluten/GM grains) and killing yeasts and other bad guys directly with oregano oil or oxygen releasing products.

And then focus on healing the cells lining the intestines that otherwise leak toxins, pathogens, emulsified fats and proteins directly into the bloodstream to source allergies and autoimmune disorders. Cells respond to saturated fats like butter/coconut oil and Omega 3 fats, high fiber leafy greens and green juices w spirulina, intermittent fasting, bone/cartilage soups, raw milks/yogurts, minerals like K, Mn, Se, Zn and Mg, Vitamins C/E and other phyto-antioxidants like curcuminoids, carotenoids, cannabinoids….and regenerate.

“Flush” commonly refers to liver and kidney cleansing. They are targeted with various herbal/olive oil flushes. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, silymarin, beets, liver and added baking soda for kidneys help restore function. The GMI database holds a laundry list of regenerative aids for these organs.

“Sweating” and sauna raise body temperature, dump wastes and stimulate all biochemical activity, circulation of blood and lymph.

Hot baths of epsom salts or dead sea salts and soaking in ocean water draw-out toxins while infusing alkalizing magnesium; all transdermally.

Sunbathing raises body temperature when photons, at various wavelengths from infra red to ultra violet, penetrate the skin to not only produce Vitamin D, but entrain body frequencies and energize our predominant water fraction. UV and radiant heat make H2O’s charge, polarity and conductivity stronger so blood, lymph and other body fluids become thinner. This speeds circulation moving oxygen-rich blood in, waste products out.

Exercise, massage and quick temperature shifts like a sauna followed by plunging into cold water agitate fluids that had become stagnant during periods of inactivity. Hot peppers are also great for enhancing circulation.

Still, in spite of cleanses, flushes and sauna, metals and toxins will remain lodged in body fat, bones, nerve tissues and cell membranes. A double barreled defense is required. First mobilize them…. then chelate them.

Chelation does not occur efficiently without MOBILIZATION…

Cellular detoxification is initiated when a flood of electrons (using mega-Vitamin C/baking soda) moves materials out of tissues and organs into the bloodstream and on to the kidneys or the intestines to be snatched by chelators. This electron-driven liberation of metals is punctuated by electron-stealing bursts of oxidation ( mega-Vit C generated peroxides, hydrogen peroxide, MMS chlorite, ozone) that disassemble organic poisons, pathogens, fibrin overgrowth and cell debris. Oxidative bursts also spark redox signalling to provoke the release of more in-house antioxidants like SOD and glutathione and awaken other dormant genes to produce protective enzymes.

“Chelate” really just means “to grab or claw-on to” (toxins).
Chelation Therapy generally refers to IV infusions of EDTA, DMSA, DMPS, etc. that rapidly mobilize and attach toxins….and unfortunately vital minerals which must be concurrently resupplied.

The practice has been maligned by conventional medicine in apparent ignorance of the disruption minute quantities of toxins wield upon normal physiology at the molecular level, namely acidity, free radical predation, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Chelation therapy has been used to treat heavy metal poisoning, but is not recognized by the FDA for the treatment of disease. The FDA also refuses to admit the connection between mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc. and a raft of conditions carelessly caused by our politically protected industries. Fortunately everything you need for personal detoxification is freely available.

Chelation can be accomplished without IVs by employing many common substances such as chlorella, clays, charcoal, shilajit/humates, cilantro and zeolites which bind to toxins along with sulfur compounds in R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, garlic, onions, MSM and NAC.

Proteolytic enzymes like papain, bromelain or nattokinase can help free metals sequestered beneath fibrin films.

The word “DETOX” has long been associated with “drying-out” alcoholics, rehab and addictions. Today it’s all about improving inner charge terrain so that cells can get more oxygen, regain functionality and self heal. A wide variety of supplements, physical and psychological treatments come under the detoxification umbrella, and indeed seemingly disconnected approaches all lead to the same goal.

Toxins are foreign molecules (like Al, F, Hg, Pb, etc. and a host of organic poisons), damaged molecules (oxidized/trans fats, protein/fat fragments), metabolic waste products, excessive acids and free-radicals of exogenous (radiations) and endogenous (immune response/inflammation) origins. These molecules must ultimately be transformed and eliminated at the atomic level….or the organism will suffer oxidative stress (inflammation), the root of most every disease.

Hair analysis is invaluable in 1) identifying metal/mineral presence and 2) to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts to evict heavy metals and normalize Mg, Ca, Na and K levels. Many times blood work does not detect the extent of contamination.

Interestingly, younger individuals commonly hold significant metal burdens since this generation has known only higher levels of toxins over the last 20yrs compared to their predecessors.

Once follow-up hair tests report healthy levels in all categories and symptoms magically disappear, you will have certain proof….whether the FDA likes it or not.

These alternative practices and “home remedies” require a bit of skill in use and an understanding of their actions. Things like chicken soup, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, garlic, epsom salts or Vit C/baking soda have specific healing properties when used in appropriate, usually unusually large quantities, taken regularly and in concert. Include as many as needed while focusing on mineral supplementation and the key elements of mobilization and chelation. I prefer detoxing at home over humiliating rectal intrusion or rapid IV chelation, slowly, gently and inexpensively for extended periods. Just me.

Detoxification is a survival strategy and should become a way of life. We have 365 chances a year to get it right, to do something, to take action, to clean our inner environments, to maintain our quality of life and to allow cells to self-heal.


It’s Always The Oxygen, Really!

The most important medicine is invisible, mostly free and usually overlooked. Natural therapies can help keep your body healthy on a cellular level.

The Framework

Think of life in the ocean or an aquarium. Our bodies are just bags of “seawater” full of aquatic cells. The water matrix must be well oxygenated to support fish and cells alike. Oxygen delivery depends on a well charged “inner ocean,” and generating that charge depends on oxygen delivery. Real simple. Call me Capt. Obvious.

The universe is a rainbow manifestation born of a singular primal energy that divided itself into a duality of opposites: protons/electrons, acids/alkalies, north pole/south pole, yin/yang, here/there and the boy/girl thing we all deal with daily. They animate our world… to prevent boredom I suppose. Viva la difference! Likes repel each other while opposites desire union in a redox dance, the incessant exchange of electrons, the movement of energy, the spark of life.

We can measure this “sexual” tension as body voltage, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) or pH. Bottom line, it is energy that drives all life processes. The major determiner of bio-energy is O2 delivery to cytoplasm and mitochondria where it generates metabolic ATPs (ATP is the carrier molecule that transfers electrons/energy resulting from cell respiration) …and then sponges-up acidic protons to conserve those electrons, that energy.
If you work from this foundational premise, the puzzle of health and healing unravels nicely. Then the only question is how to correct basic conditions… to move more oxygen… to maximize energy levels and minimize losses… to prevent or heal disease. The charge environment that comes of efficient energy production invites more oxygen to produce more energy, so la la la the life goes on.

The Way It Used to Be

While scientific studies focus on individual diseases, generalized diets and therapeutic elements like drugs or even natural supplements, they ignored the overall context of life and its basic requirements. All chronic disease really arises from a singular root cause; acidity>hypoxia>energy shortage>enzyme error>cell failure… aka inflammation and oxidative stress. This includes all the “diseases” conventionally identified through downstream symptoms and secondary etiologies. Heart disease, arthritis, depression, infection, cancer, etc. are then conventionally “diagnosed” and treated individually like some evil entity apart from the low energy environment that created them.

The Way It Will Be

The Forbidden approach works on correcting energy levels/body charge at the most basic level to establish conditions necessary for optimal oxygen delivery and energy production so normal biochemistry can proceed. Cells are perfectly capable of both maintaining and restoring function and mounting immune responses when given enough energy. This presents a problem for highly trained doctors and the medical industry who depend on selling thousands of drugs, diagnostics and procedures for hundreds of “different” diseases…after failing miserably at preventing them.


Mitochondria mine solar-energized electrons from carbon bonds (in food) and the conversion to ATP largely fuels our biochemistry and maintains body charge (-40 to -50mv/pH 7.35-7.45). A strong body charge protects cell molecules from being destroyed by acids, oxidants, radiations, free radicals: inflammation/oxidation. Inflammatory immune response, on the other hand, though powered the same way, produces powerfully oxidizing hydrogen peroxide and singlet oxygen (ROS) that destroy pathogens and unwanted cell debris. Life swings in the balance.
Oxygen is a switch hitter depending on its atomic states and so can act as a metabolic oxidizer, a more powerful immune oxidizer in singlet radical configuration, or as an “antioxidant” as it turns acidic protons to water when it mops-up after the process of respiration. Oxygen recharges pH buffers and conserves electrons.

So big picture, this means that over-fueled/under-oxygenated cells will become acidic and further repel and deplete oxygen. If unable to get enough oxygen to neutralize metabolic acids, charge terrain will degrade, electrons will be stolen from DNA and structural molecules, energy production will be frustrated and then cells become dysfunctional, diseased, susceptible to pathogens, decompose or become anaerobic and cancerous.

This view of health and healing hides in plain sight in high school biology/chemistry texts, but has become forbidden knowledge camouflaged in medical industry fear-peddling, intentional disinformation and by discrediting the competition.

So how do we nudge the redox (oxidation/reduction) balance to create the correct conditions and move more O2?

Skill-set Index

Master these simple skills and practices used by some of the most successful alternative physicians and natural health experts. They are inexpensive and can be done at home, in the garden and in the kitchen…if one studies and applies.


Slow deep breathing allows CO2 to build which improves oxygen release by RBCs. Hyperventillation/rapid breathing delivers lots of oxygen and blows off CO2 alkalizing the blood (and normally doesn’t induce fainting).
Breathing exercises use both extremes and many in between. It’s free so why not explore and experiment?

Skin, hookah and scuba diving offer unseen benefits.

HBOT and other enhanced oxygen applications have been found to help overcome almost every ailment from concussions to sports injuries including conventional hospital treatments for gangrene, but are sorely, and negligently underutilized.
Breathing air under pressure saturates blood plasma with O2 above and beyond RBC’s capacity….pure oxygen under pressure delivers even more. HBOT use is quite common elsewhere in the world.

The use of promising high pressure therapies in the U.S. was sabotaged by the medical establishment and has gone the way of Linus Pauling, Vitamin C and Chiropractic.

“Orval J Cunningham, a professor of anaesthesia at the University of Kansas in the early 1900s observed that people suffering from circulatory disorders did better at sea level than at altitude and this formed the basis for his use of hyperbaric air. In 1918 he successfully treated patients suffering from the Spanish flu with hyperbaric air. In 1930 the American Medical Association forced him to stop such hyperbaric treatment, since he did not provide acceptable evidence that the treatments were effective.” (Wikipedia entry; HBOT)

*”I often marvel at the immense size of whales and how they carry sea level air to great depths with 10s of atmospheres of pressure. This jams their blood plasma and cells with high levels of O2 and can only account for their tremendous bulk. I also wonder what special chemistries allow terrestrial elephants to attain such proportions? Recall the age of dinosaurs with 35%+ atmospheric oxygen… when living large really meant something.”*

Contact with Mother Earth passes her negative charge into the body. Perfect. Try going barefoot and swimming at every opportunity. Grounded bed sheets and many other helpful applications are available.

Photons raise electron energy levels wherever they strike as well as power photosynthesis in plants and Vitamin D synthesis in humans. Dr. Gerald Pollack has shown that light, radiant heat and acoustic energy structure our 99% water, alkalize it and enhance charge potentials that give living organisms stronger “batteries.”
Fresh research (links: chlorophyll/humans-photosynthesize) concludes that we utilize solar photon energy directly.

Modern processed foods are literally predigested with complex fat, protein and carbohydrate molecules being oxidized, altered or broken down into too-easily absorbed units. This circumvents normal digestion, ruins bacterial balance in the gut and causes leakage. The flood of fuel into cells then overtakes oxygen availability resulting in a drop in pH, voltage and biochemical function, not to mention it is fattening and creates glycations and autoimmune problems.

Grass fed and unprocessed organic ingredients contain the most “life force” or in actuality way more photon energized electrons. A nutrient-dense real food diet satisfies appetite in smaller amounts than deficient factory foods ever can.
Balance acid-forming and alkalizing foods, cook gently sticking with low glycemic choices and those rich in balanced omega/saturated fats, diverse proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant polyphenols.

Membrane Musts

One must build an oxygen expressway into cells and so must consider the quality of red blood cells, electrolytes and charge of blood… up to and through membranes which must be constructed of the proper saturated and omega fats, not trans or other damaged oxidized polyunsaturates.
Membranes must present a charge gradient to transport oxygen and materials and that depends on adjacent H2O/H3O2 structure, viscosity, electrolytes and the conductivity of pristine fat molecules as well as vigilant protection of those fat molecules from oxidation by maintaining well charged fluids.


Vitamin C is more than a vitamin though it performs dozens of essential functions; it’s a bulk electron source!!!
Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, a giant medicine in its own right, is an alkalizing source of pH buffering bicarbonate which releases beneficial CO2 and swings between bicarbonate and carbonic acid with every breath and is also active in the kidneys.
When ascorbic acid (pure Vitamin C) is mixed with baking soda, ascorbic acid is neutralized and becomes sodium ascorbate to flood the system with electrons.
Large serum spikes in ascorbate levels also generate oxidizing hydrogen peroxide in a Fenton Reaction which yields singlet oxygen, the selfsame oxidant naturally produced in an inflammatory immune response.
Orally or via IV, Vitamin C should be considered a core element of any protocol.

Magnesium and potassium are essential electrolytes (most have good levels of calcium and sodium) that form charge gradients and also buffer pH. Magnesium is found in red blood cells where it helps carry oxygen and relaxes the heart muscle for more efficient pumping which is key to oxygenating the system. Rebuilding magnesium reserves takes time and concerted effort.
Cysteine and glutathione are electron rich pH buffers increased via NAC and MSM sulfur. Taurine is another acid fighter.
Niacin and nicotinic acid compounds NAD+/NADH are essential electron-proton ping-pong players that soak up excess protons and deliver electrons in metabolic energy production. Niacinamide has recently been found to prevent some skin cancers.
Official medicine dismissed many of these cheap therapies with extreme prejudice. I have only listed a few, but you get the idea and point of view of oxygen and electrons and the primary importance of body charge.

All vitamins and minerals are important, but conventional intake numbers are bogus, many times too little too late. The whole idea of minimum nutrient requirements bows to the high priests of pharma and the czars of industrial food. Confusion rules the subject, so we must quantify our own needs based on nutrient contents of our particular diet, hair analysis, levels of inflammation and any apparent symptoms.
Megadosing of Vitamins C, B3 (niacin) and B12 is common in alternative literature and even short term loading of Vitamin A, D and E have been reported.

Synergistic benefits accrue when combinations are used like adding Vitamin E, K2, NAC, and RALA to Vitamin C megadose along with minerals since their charges and effectiveness are maintained through Vitamin C’s electron benevolence. This is quantitative chemistry where quantity counts and excess quantity pushes equilibria…a good thing.
GMI has frequent articles reminding us of valuable nutrient sources to bring to the kitchen to enhance one’s intake of phytos, healthy fats and protein sources. Polyphenol-rich items like turmeric, citrus flavonoids and green tea enable oxygen delivery by knocking off damaging hydroxyl radicals that would otherwise oxidize membrane fats and cell structures.

In a perfect world with a higher oxygen content and pure foods in magnificent variety, one could be free of health worries and supplements. Unfortunately man in his infinite ignorance has created an artificial food supply, burned forests and fossil fuels and spilled his chemistry set to the extent he has acidified, contaminated and inflicted oxidative stress and mass extinctions upon the entire planet.


Stress is an acidic out-of-control emotion commonly described as fear, shame, guilt and anxiety which excites the sympathetic nervous system and dumps cortisol. Improving body charge helps the mind-bulb glow brighter as do love, gratitude and the attitude of sharing. Beware of the mass media anxiety machine.

Lifestyle Activity
Exercise accelerates circulation, oxygenation and the removal of wastes like maintaining the aquarium or the ebb and flow of the tides that prevent stagnation. It keeps the heart in shape and the mind calm.
Quality sleep releases melatonin, a powerful antioxidant, and relaxes all energy gobbling tension. Sleep apnea deprives the body of oxygen when it needs it most for restorative processes. The symptoms are exaggerated examples of O2 deprivation with (often misdiagnosed and mistreated) circulatory distress and edema that magically disappear when normal breathing and deep sleep are restored.


These are charge killers, avoid and detox. Hair analysis identifies metal loads such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum which source free radical oxidants, encourage infections and result in chronic inflammation. Many people are surprised by their accumulations and mineral deficiencies. I’ve used Eidon/Biotrend Labs with satisfaction and there are others. It is only a matter of mailing a hair sample with a check and waiting for results so you really know where you stand. Then try to account for ingested metal sources and mineral levels.


There are a number of electronic, magnetic, laser and acoustic devices that have shown effectiveness in conditions across the board: electric brain stimulators and acupuncture techniques, various magnetic wraps, pulsed laser therapy for joints, frequency generators to raise vibrations and sound machines that heal stubborn ulcerations. Each supplies or modulates different forms of energy.


Aging is not much fun if you suffer with chronic disease(s) and pain. It is sad to see so many spend their later years (along with their life’s savings) at the doctor and drug store. To avoid this fate you must attend to the maintenance of your own body. Give your cells the same conditions you would supply a goldfish; clean well oxygenated pH balanced properly-charged fluids so they will have plenty of energy to function at healthy levels.

Forbidden Protocol

A common sense approach based on solid science provides an organizational framework and skill-guide to correct body chemistry via thousands of well known healthy practices and natural therapies

Goals: Antioxidize/add electrons, alkalize, oxidize pathogens, correct nutrient/vitamin/mineral levels, detox metals and organic toxins, get sunshine, breathe and exercise, quiet the mind, allow time for results, have a purpose and enjoy life…
What with man’s propensity to burn things and use our oceans as an open sewer, it always seemed implausible for geo-science to conclude that global oxygen levels are “remarkably stable.”
New analyses of atmospheric O2 disagree with this conventional view and point to industrial practices that deplete oxygen even faster than they raise CO2 concentrations.
Interestingly the study states; “In humans, failure of oxygen energy metabolism is the single most important risk factor for chronic diseases including cancer and death.”


Essential Polyphenols

Essential Polyphenols by Capt. Randall

Written By:
Capt. Randall

Articles appear daily touting the benefits of blueberries, chocolate, red wine, olives, grape seeds/skin and thousands of other herbs, oils, extracts, spices and ferments. These are usually accompanied by strange words like quercetin, anthocyanins, flavonoids and tongue twisters like epigallocatechin that fly over the head of average people just trying to improve their health. Few look any further, much less review the actual chemistry involved.

Science is finally beginning to recognize the role of oxidative stress in all disease (yes, that includes cancers, heart, joint, diabetic and other conditions). Unless you zero-in on this concept you will wander the wilderness of medical literature and never find healing. As fully described in my previous GMI articles, antioxidants quantitatively oppose oxidative cell damage to restore functionality as part of an overall protocol…. And polyphenols are a particularly effective class of antioxidant that protects unsaturated fatty acids and cell membranes from crippling and unrelenting attack by highly destructive hydroxyl radicals.

The book Forbidden Healing translates and organizes basic cell physiology and chemistry into simple terms that can be applied inexpensively and effectively by physicians and the growing number of people seizing personal responsibility for their own well-being and survival. Conventional medicine fails to recognize or address the true cause of disease, so it is incumbent on the individual to focus on practical apps and become the mechanic that maintains his organism. Polyphenols and antioxidants in general are essential tools in the maintenance of body charge, oxygen delivery, bioenergy production and the preservation of the integrity of all bio-molecules. As a sidelight, research into immune pathways is investigating polyphenols in curcumin and resveratrol have an affinity for cannabinoid receptors CB1/CB2 as do alkamides found in echinacea.

Antioxidants are a broad range of biochemicals that counter acids, oxidants and cell-crippling hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals are formed by the Fenton reaction of H2O2 with metals like ferrous iron in your blood or with mercury and cadmium (which shouldn’t be there). Hydroxyl radicals are vicious oxidizers and once set loose, initiate a chain reaction that begins oxidizing the unsaturated fats of cell membranes in a stealthy attempt to suffocate and isolate the cell from oxygen and nutrient material transport. The damage also cripples DNA expression, DNA/telomere integrity, cell division, immune function and critical enzyme production which lie at the root of disease.

While the ABCDEK vitamins, healthy fats and internally produced antioxidants like uric acid, glutathione, SOD and catalase oppose oxidative stress/inflammation by supplying electrons, it is the colorful polyphenolic pigments that halt hydroxyl radical initiated chain reactions.

Coffee, tea, pomegranates and parsley are few common food items that contain polyphenols, as do super concentrated therapeutic supplements like curcumin, oregano oil, algae, bee propolis/royal jelly and capsaicin. Polyphenols comprise thousands of plant-derived chemicals that contain aromatic carbon ring structures. Carbon rings contain an abundance of electrons in highly varied geometries, side-chain functional groups and polarities allowing association with cell membranes, and “poly-” means lots of them. This gives polyphenols the ability to insulate membranes at their fluid interface from oxidative devastation via their key quality of thwarting hydoxyl attacks.

So when a food contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, flavones, stilbenes, and lignans, pay attention! These are the polyphenols that represent value far beyond the ABC vitamin contents usually credited with a specific food’s health benefits…simple chemistry. Gather the rainbow of polyphenols and bring them into your kitchen.

Phenolic acids are found in berries, tea leaves, onions, coffee and in whole grains, with heirloom maize being a rich source.
Flavonoids are present in many fruits and green leafy vegetables like onions, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and in red wine and tea.
Flavones are found in parsley, celery, tomatoes and the skin of citrus fruits.
Isoflavones are deemed phytoestrogenic due to their molecular similarity to the hormone and are found in leguminous plants like soybeans.
Flavonols come in red wine, green tea, chocolate and many fruits.
Anthocyanins are easy to spot in red, blue or purple berries, fruits and vegetables.
Lignans are prevalent in flaxseed, algae, lentils, wheat, garlic, asparagus and carrots.
Stilbenes include the highly valuable anti-ageing compound resveratrol, found in red grape skins and Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica).

Agricultural style, handling, processing, storage and cooking all influence the qualities of nutrients. Absorption of polyphenols is dependent on stomach pH, gut bacteria, fiber intake and the food matrix of a meal. Alcohol and the use of fermented sources enhance availability.

So the job of the health mechanic is clear: eliminate sources of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Clean the system of metals like mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, lead and excess copper.
Reduce susceptibility to hydroxyl-forming free iron leakage by dumping stored ferritin/iron overloads via occasional blood donation.
Maintain high intakes of Vitamin C, E-tocopherols/tocotrienols, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), RALA (R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid) and carotenoids, along with appropriate mineral intake of potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, sulfur and iodine. Vitamin C is the handy electron source that dampens oxidative stress and the oxidation of metals which provoke hydroxyl radical generation.
Earthing, sunshine, breath work, hyperthermia, intermittent/green juice fasting and the use of structured charged waters add to a protective electron-rich cellular environment. Electrons from any source migrate to the strong hand, so behind the scene, health and healing depend on a quantitative balance sheet similar to a checkbook. Ingested and metabolically produced and protected electrons raise the balance while wrong foods, metabolic wastes, environmental toxins and emotional stress drain the account. And like the bank account, a minimum balance accrues no penalties, but insufficient funds require a large deposit to stay out of jail.
Use toxin chelators such as leafy greens, cilantro, chlorella, shilajit and clays.
No one can remember all the great polyphenolic compounds that preserve our cell molecules, but they are the active compounds in most of the high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) therapeutic foods, herbs and spices encouraged throughout natural health literature. One can also do a reverse look-up following ORAC tables where high scores usually betray the presence of the most powerful antioxidant and polyphenol content in foods. is the place to cross reference all the individual sources and their effectiveness in specific health conditions.

Peruse my other GMI articles for details on detox and our electrical nature. (Go to Team, Authors, “R” for Capt. Randall)

Since medicine took a wrong turn into dead-end pharmaceutical thinking during the last century, we tend to focus on a single substance to cure illness. Today science seems mystified by the effectiveness of acupuncture, electric brain stimulation, electronic diagnosis/treatment, laser therapies, oxygen therapies, earthing and frequency medicine because they are not “drugs.” We also have trouble understanding that electron flow can be created (bio)chemically, though we all have a battery in our car. Our cells and bodies are batteries, too, and require water, electrolyte minerals, food and oxygen to maintain a healthy voltage. When those conditions are not met we succumb to “The Disease”, oxidative stress, better known as inflammation, where electron-draining oxidation overwhelms electron ingestion and metabolic production. So health and longevity ultimately depend on eliminating electron loss while promoting electron intake and generation. When the car won’t start, don’t reach for a drug, use the jumper cables.
Polyphenols may act as the safety net where nasty electron-stealing hydroxyl rads go to die, but see the big principle: “Life is Electrical!” It’s all a balance.

Capt. Randall is the author of Forbidden Healing and an independent health researcher. He studied chemistry and biology at the University of Florida. His interests range from marine science to archaeology and ethnobotany.